LED Tubes

LED Tube Lights: Energy-Efficient Replacements for Fluorescent Tubes

Enhance your lighting setup with our top-notch LED tube lights, a superior choice for replacing traditional fluorescent tubes. Lightsave offers an extensive selection of LED tubes in popular sizes like T5 (15.9mm) and T8 (25.4mm) for seamless integration. With three decades of expertise in the lighting industry, we are well-equipped to help with any LED tube questions you may have. Our successful collaborations with leading Hospitality groups on large-scale LED conversion projects demonstrate our proven track record in providing highly efficient lighting solutions.

What are the LED Tube Sizes Available?

Our range of LED tubes perfectly match the lengths of traditional fluorescent tubes, allowing for effortless replacements without the need to change fixtures. Choose from a variety of sizes, including:

- T8 2 foot (600mm)

- T8 3 foot (900mm)

- T8 4 foot (1200mm)

- T8 5 foot (1500mm)

- T8 6 foot (1800mm)

- T5 2 foot (563.2mm)

- T5 4 foot (1163.2mm)

- T5 5 foot (1463.2mm)

With their numerous benefits, LED tubes are a versatile lighting solution suitable for various applications in commercial, industrial, retail, and educational settings.

How Do LED Tubes Work?

When replacing fluorescent lighting with LED tubes, selecting the correct technology ensures a smooth conversion:

High-Frequency (HF) LED Tubes:

Compatible with fixtures that have a High-Frequency ballast, these tubes don’t require a starter.

Electro-Magnetic (EM) LED Tubes:

Suitable for fixtures with an electromagnetic ballast. You’ll need to remove the existing starter and replace it with the LED starter provided.

Electro-Magnetic/Mains (EM/MAINS) LED Tubes:

These can operate with an electromagnetic ballast or be directly wired to the mains supply.

Universal (UN) LED Tubes:

Versatile tubes that work with both electromagnetic and high-frequency fittings, reducing the need for multiple stock types.

Benefits of Switching to LED Tube Lighting

Switching to LED tube lights offers several advantages:

Energy Efficiency: LED tubes use up to 50% less energy than fluorescent tubes, delivering better light output with lower energy consumption.

Instant Lighting: LEDs provide immediate full brightness without the warm-up time required by fluorescent tubes.

Flicker-Free Lighting: LEDs eliminate flickering, creating a more comfortable environment for workspaces and classrooms.

Eco-Friendly: LEDs do not contain mercury, unlike fluorescent tubes, making them a sustainable choice.

Long Lifespan: LED tubes have a much longer lifespan, averaging 60,000 hours, with premium models lasting up to 80,000 hours.

Best LED Tube Light: Lightsave Recommendations

Philips Master LED Tubes:

With a lifespan of 60,000 hours, these robust, shatterproof tubes are ideal for various settings, including food displays.

Philips CorePro Universal LED Tubes:

These tubes are compatible with both high-frequency and electromagnetic ballasts, simplifying any lighting project.

Osram SubstiTube T5 High-Frequency LED Tubes:

Offering a daylight colour temperature (6500K), these shatterproof tubes are perfect for the food industry and come with a 50,000-hour lifespan.

Contact Lightsave for LED Tube Lighting Solutions

Lightsave is your go-to source for high-quality LED tubes. We offer significant discounts for bulk orders and a next-day delivery option is also available. Contact us at 01189 393218 to discuss your lighting needs and receive a no-obligation energy-saving quote.