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    • What are the Recommended Lighting Levels for Residential and Office Spaces? level lightning

      Lighting for an area in the work place or home should be sufficient so that a person can move around safely, use the facilities and be able to work while not having any sides effects such as straining eyes. Getting the right light for an area can be difficult as there aren’t always clear guidelines on recommended light levels. Additionally, it can be difficult to measure and understand how much light is needed. Light intensity is measured in Lux, this can be used as a guide to how much light in lumens is needed to adequately light an office space or residential space. One lux is equal to one lumen per square meter.

    • Lighting for Residential Spaces

      A well-designed lighting system takes into account the possible use of every room and how much l

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  2. 5 reason to choose lightsave

    5 reason to choose lightsave
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      Next Day Delivery

      Spend just £100 (ex VAT) and subject to availability, your order will be delivered the very next working day (Mon-Fri) across the UK mainland.

      We operate a fully computerised stock management system throughout our warehouse. Place your order during any week-day before 4pm and within minutes the order will be in our warehouse being picked, packed and made ready for dispatch. Our carriers collect at the end of the day so within a short time of placing your order it could be on its way to you.

    • Unrivalled Customer Service

      Unrivalled Customer Service

      We are proud of the service we provide to our Customers. We have won numerous awards and invite customers to leave comments after every order placed. These are shown on the website without editing. We consistently receive over 90% satisfaction.<

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  3. Wattage and Brightness

    Wattage and Brightness

    Wattage is often confused with brightness. With traditional lightbulbs, we relied on wattage to indicate brightness. However, with LEDs, wattage does not measure brightness, but it does measure power consumption. LED bulbs emit the same amount of light as traditional light bulbs but at a lower wattage. When selecting LED bulbs, look at light output, which is measured in lumens – it’s indicated on the packaging. For your convenience, the equivalent wattage of traditional bulbs is also shown, because many consumers are still familiar with this – but you need to disregard it in terms of the brightness of the product. As a guideline, a 35W conventional will have an output of 280-300lm and a 50W will be 380-400lm.

    Please see chart below for a basic guide fo choosing the right LED bulb to replace your existing bulb type.

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  4. Colour temperature & CRI

    Colour temperature & CRI
    Colour Temperature

    The first LED bulbs on the market produced a very blue daylight; many people think that’s still the case. However, this is no longer blue as LED can range in colour temperature. Kelvins are used to measure light colour. Scientific tests have proven the colour of light can impact upon energy levels and productivity. For example, to relax at home you would choose a warm light in rooms such as your bedroom. A warm white light, however, may not work in your kitchen or bathroom, as these rooms usually have white fittings, such as sinks or cabinets, which would look give it a yellow tint in warm light.

    We would recommend a white (3,000K) or cool white (4,000K) light for those areas. LED technology has evolved significantly within the last decade. Today, most LED lights are available in a variety of white colours – everything from very warm white (2,000K) through to daylight (6,500K). You can choose an LED light that shines with the familiar warm glow of

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  5. Guide to dimming led

    Guide to dimming led

    Choosing the right LED lighting can make a huge difference in the appearance of a room. With dimmable lights, you can find the perfect brightness and colour temperature for the mood you want. dimmable, so choosing the right light source is the first step. All LED light bulbs must be clearly marked on the manufacturer's website as well as on the product packaging. If you're not sure where to start with dimmable LED lighting, the guide below will help you. give some answers.

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